Expressive Painting in Glass Sept/Oct

Sept/Oct ’24 - Video/Zoom Package



Follow along as Tim teaches the step-by-step process of creating an abstract landscape in glass. Make your own image, OR use the provided 10" x 10” design and make the exact image that Tim teaches

  • Long term access to the 2.5 hr class video with 11 chapters where Tim Carey teaches his "Alla Prima" technique, using frit and premade material (NO SLIDERS) to create an abstract image
  • Four (4) Zoom sessions, the first to watch a shortened version of the video and ask Tim questions. And the second, four weeks later, for a critique and discussion of your work. And all new, 2 bi-monthly Zoom sessions for in-progress advice and instruction.
  • Detailed class syllabus and access to private Facebook Group

Meeting 1: Watch Party

Students will watch a shortened version of the class Video, ask Tim questions, and receive advice and instruction before beginning their project.
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Meeting 2: Artist's Critique

Students will have opportunity to discuss their completed and/or in-progress work, and receive feedback from Tim.
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Take advantage of our Studio Partner Program to find a studio for access to workspaces, kilns and materials, and a group of students to work with on your project.

Vitreonics Painterly Glass Kit


We are excited to be offering this curated Bullseye Glass kit, catered specifically towards the painterly methods taught in "Expressive Painting in Glass." This kit offers all of the colors listed in the PDF below, includes glass painting powders, and can be used to either make the “center square” or create your own design.

Painterly Glass Kit Materials List (pdf)

Expressive Painting in Glass - Video Only


For those that aren’t much into Zoom meetings, or you have your own studio and prefer to learn at your own pace...Vitreonics is happy to offer the Class Video "a-la-carte" (with Class Syllabus PDF and Facebook group access).


what our students are saying

One of the best things to come out of the pandemic was that it made learning online more commonplace. I took Tim Carey’s Painterly Portrait class through Bullseye Glass in January of 2021. After losing my father to cancer in December, it was cathartic for me to create a portrait of “My Father’s Eyes” while learning Tim’s methods of painting in glass. The instructional material coupled with the online sessions and videos made learning his methods very simple and achievable for artists at any level.

I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to expand their creative palette!

Peggy O’Hara
Manahawkin, NJ

In July of 2021, I had the privilege of taking Time Carey’s on-line Painterly Portrait class.  I have been fusing glass for 25 years and the techniques presented were nothing I have even heard of or could imaging possible.  The class was fun, so informative and very clearly presented.  If you have seen Tim anywhere you know his teaching is going to be fun, a little off the wall (in a good way) but totally transparent and nothing held back.  

I am a watercolorist as well as a fused glass painter; but I hate doing portraits, so I went a different direction.  The techniques presented can apply to any style you prefer.  I was more than pleased with the outcome of my pieces. I believe any fuser at any level could benefit from this class.  Tim presents endless possibilities for painting with glass.

Thanks for expanding my fusing knowledge and skill.

Nancy Yarbrough
Boerne, TX

I took Tim Carey’s online Painterly Portrait class during the height of the pandemic. I live in Alaska. Perhaps ten years ago we had nationally renowned glass artists like Richard Parrish, Linda Steider and Nathan Sandberg come up to teach 4 day workshops, but that arena has dried up and no longer happens. So I jumped at the option to take Tim’s class. It was a huge cost saving not having to travel and find housing and besides nobody was really going anywhere anyway. We were all jonesing for things to do! The class was broken up into two classes with well described process interspersed with a lot of humor (and even some failure which for this amateur glass artist was so refreshing to see. Sorry Tim) The time between the two classes was perfect for getting our pieces done and then returning to get critiques and Q&A time.

Definitely worth the money! Tim is a great teacher! 

Mindy Meyn
Anchorage, AK

I enjoyed the film very was extremely entertaining and I didn’t expect that. It was just was just Tim...and I enjoyed that...

Painting with glass now has a completely different meaning to me

Jean Alexander
Oakland, CA
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