Melt Glass Art Supply

Vancouver, WA


We are a key local resource for glass art supplies, classes, and knowledge. Our new 1000sf fusing studio takes up the entire lower floor of our historic downtown building in Vancouver, Washington. We have kilns, light tables, supplies and tons of workspace all ready and waiting for you. Community is our #1 focus, and we encourage group collaboration and co-creation in all of our classes and work spaces.

Melt Glass Art Supply 502 Washington St Vancouver, WA 98660

SheriAnn Spurlock


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We have three experienced instructors on staff to answer any questions and help with technique and artistic direction, as needed. Our policy of open-source style artistic collaboration encourages everyone to share what they know and help each other excel in their artistic experience. We do not gate-keep information or assistance, and believe that rising tides lift all boats...which means the collective knowledge is meant to lift everyone up. Come and share in the experience at Melt!

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